Holes in Soles

I love to exercise.  My mind (as you can probably tell right away when viewing the Videos page) and also my body – the temple He has handed out to house His Holy Spirit within me for now.

I look forward to those benefit-packed sweat sessions – especially the every-two-or-three-days extended, multi-hour ones – with great anticipation and enthusiasm.  With two exceptions.

I’ll elaborate on the second soon in a separate post but the first such exception is when my shoes have developed holes in their soles.

Having sold my only vehicle a year or two ago mainly to finish building this website, that happens a lot.  Since I walk so much now.  Literally everywhere I go, it’s either by foot or bike, and I usually opt for the former so my shoes develop holes much more quickly than most people’s pair of a pedestrian’s best friend.

And that happens so quickly, those holes appear seemingly out of nowhere and without notice – i.e., the bottom of the shoes look just fine and then, wham, next thing I know, I feel a spike of pain when my foot lands squarely on a rock in the road or path and I look at the bottom of my shoes and surely enough, there’s suddenly a hole newly staring back at me.

Due to how much walking and jogging I do, this happens every few months, and when it does, I can honestly say that I definitely don’t look forward to the next walk to the store since I know it’ll likely involve some pain.

And that’s exactly how it is in the Christian life!  In one’s walk  with the Lord as it were:  it’s much better when one doesn’t have holes in their souls.

One automatic, guaranteed result of Bible memory on a regular, systematic basis is that it opens one’s eyes to a lot of things (“enlightening the eyes”, Psalm 19:7-8) but perhaps none more so than just how righteous and holy God is… and humanity isn’t.  Perhaps none more so than just how “prone to wander” into sin we are as the hymnist famously put it in that wonderful and much-beloved song, just how easily and naturally our flesh still sins – our fallen flesh which (unfortunately) still envelops our “new man” within, our new spirit, our new nature (2 Corinthians 5:17) such that even the most spiritually-mature person in non-deitic  human history (i.e., not including Jesus), the Apostle Paul himself, concluded and confirmed that “nothing good dwells in” any of us humans, “that is, in [our fallen] flesh” and that “the good that [we] wish, [we far too often] do not do; but [we] practice the very evil that [we] do not wish” because of the “sin which [still] dwells in [us]”, because “of the law of sin which is [still] in [our] members”, in our bodies, “waging war” against our minds (Romans 7:14-25), all of which is why Hebrews 12:1 specifically and explicitly mentions “sin which so easily  entangles us.”

“Prone to wander”, indeed.

But I have good news!  God has graciously given us a (spiritual) “pill” as it were, a most-effective, miraculous “medicine” which is so powerful (but without any negative side effects!) that it can and does rid one even of something so dastardly and indeed default-status as sin!  And that “pill”, that mighty “medicine” is, yep, the Bible.  The Bible in general and Bible memory  in specific.

What a wonderful weapon in our spiritual arsenal!  And all we have to do is pick up that “sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” – the Bible! (Ephesians 6:17)

One does so by ingesting  it, by putting the Bible into one’s mind, “[from which] flow the springs of life” (Proverbs 4:23).

Yes, my friend, it’s foolish for a frequent walker or jogger to have holes in their soles.

It’s infinitely worse for people to have holes in their souls.

Memorizing and reciting Scripture is like buying a new pair of shoes.