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Three Degrees

No, the title of this post isn’t referring to the smooth-sounding, silk-voiced Seventies singing group…  … nor to the wintry weather here in the nation’s capital yesterday (though we did see some snow, so it came uncomfortably close to that  on the thermometer). Permit me to briefly elaborate.  You see, per what was penned […]

“You Raise Me Up”

I might or might not know a great deal… but I know a great deal when I see one. I think I inherited that ability from my paternal grandmother; as noted on this website’s Why page, she once was one of the biggest independent antique dealers certainly east of the Mississippi and probably the entire […]

Bless the Blessed

Anymore I feel pretty much permanently prepared to be peppered with perpetual perplexity pertaining to God’s pervasive perfection.  How on earth can the Fall-flawed, finite human mind make sense much less wrap itself around  such solemn spiritual concepts like sinlessness, sovereignty, eternity, and Deity? It can’t.  Not fully anyway but that’s okay because (1) one […]

Only Hope

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a lot of things that seem to be getting more and more scarce, downright rare, in current-day society. Truth, for sure. And love. And joy.  (Contrary to the perception most social media posts try to paint.) And peace.  (Nuff said.) And patience.  (Next time you’re driving, simply observe […]


I think that one of the most amazing, stunning, jaw-dropping, brain-blowing, mind-crinkling command in the entire Bible is the one found in 1 Peter 1:15 … “but LIKE the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in ALL your behavior” (emphasis added) (… and its “other side of the same coin” similar-sounding sister […]

One Who Bakes Cakes Takes Time

I’m sure every chef on the planet, every kitchen cook can concur that it would be nice if a dish or dessert, entree or cake would take no time to bake, that they could simply put something in the oven and, poof, it’d be ready instantly. But as we all know, that’s not the world […]


As pointed out in the previous post, just a week ago there were worsening signs of (downright dire) drought in the area but since then we’ve seen snow-spewing storms surpassing several inches, in six days, sorry to say.  (I love watching it fall from the sky but the messy aftermath?  Not so much.) That’s right: […]


Around 25% of the country is certain that the planet is currently in a convulsing climate crisis.  Around that same amount is just as certain that it’s not, with the remaining roughly 50% rigidly focused on just being able to survive not in terms of years from now but literally being able to keep putting […]

God is Sovereign (and that’s no L.I.E.)

It took a ton of time but perhaps the most powerful, practical  truth I tell others after having found and verified it firsthand is this:  Believe, trust, rely on, know with certainty the absolute, untattered fact (not some fellow’s fanciful fiction) of God’s sovereignty. While all of His attributes are equal in importance, along with […]

… and now the “HOW”

Part 2 of the previous post, as promised… If I were to tell you that, on its current course, this Christian-founded country – the mighty United States of America – is headed for disaster, destruction, death as a major player in the world after a century-plus run as such, would you believe that?  Could  you […]