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No, I’m not talking about the change of season, beautiful as that’s always been to behold.  Nor Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury, sad as that physical fall was to watch and which is still echoing throughout the throngs of football fans across the nation and especially the New York/Jersey area. I’m talking about the massive increase […]


With the NFL season almost upon us, I recently took a tidbit of time to check out the trades and other roster changes (retirements, free agents, etc.) for several teams and on one of the sports news websites it highlighted the New England Patriots’ record during and after their Tom Brady era.  As I’m sure […]

No Idols

Harkening back to a common high school cheer at football and basketball games… “I say ‘No idols’, you say ‘No duh’, no idols, no duh, no idols, no duh…”  But perhaps this topic isn’t so cut-and-dry, because it has become more and more obvious in recent years that, in practice, in essence, certain things have […]

No Defense

The looming football season brings this thought with it:  while the offense tends to get the vast majority of the glory and headlines and fans, it’s primarily the defense that wins games and especially championships. Because if a team can’t keep the opponent from scoring touchdown after touchdown after touchdown, it will lose.  Even if […]

No Deadlines

As you’ve probably noticed, this website focuses almost entirely on the Bible and Person of our wonderful Lord and Savior and faithful friend, Jesus Christ.  In fact, pretty much the only time I mention anything else is when such serves to illustrate or explain an aspect  of the Lord or the Bible or life.  And it’s […]

One Spirit

In a previously-published post, I pointed to what I see as one of the most concerning things in the current Christian community and overall society, and that is a lack of discernment with the cited Bible verse of 1 Thessalonians 5:21. In the August 2023 issue of the Grace To You monthly newsletter, John MacArthur […]

The Stages of Spiritual Growth, Part Two

In a previously-published post, I proffered a new “trio” of the stages of spiritual growth set forth in the Bible. Here’s another trio:  those who practice…  “active”  >  ”aggressive” (or “adamant”)  >  ”automatic”  humility. There’s a thing called “active listening” which has become a big deal in recent years in consulting circles.  It refers to […]

Useless.  Unless.

I went grocery shopping with someone who’s determined to disappear pandemic-produced pounds so it wasn’t surprising that they bought a bevy of bags filled with fruit and other fortifying foods. When they told me today that they had hot dogs and potato salad for dinner and popcorn and soda pop for a late-night snack, I […]

Quick Thought:  Searching for a Savior

The Saints were searching for a savior.  Not the saints  (by definition, saints have already found  a Savior) but the Saints, the pro football (NFL) team in New Orleans. After going many, many, many years without even making the Playoffs…  … they acquired the quarterbacking services of a fellow named Drew Brees.  While he […]

“Contagious” FOLLOW-UP #2

I recently discussed the wildfires currently raging in Canada and how, by no fault of our own, the poor air quality and haze created thereby ended up affecting us in America, sometimes severely (worst air quality ever recorded in some cities, etc.), and what a great illustration it is in terms of how the sins […]