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Talk about a weighty post!

Pun fun aside, I’ve been thin my whole life… with two exceptions.  The first was when I was promoted to a cushy desk job; it wasn’t the fact that I literally sat at a desk the entire shift in that new role so much as the fact that said shifts lasted 10-12 hours, virtually the […]

Inaudible… But Very Loud!

As we all know, the wind is intangible… but definitely not silent! A few months ago a very rare, no, unheard-of  tornado (and a DUAL tornado at that!) came within mere feet of my humble abode.  At 9:00 p.m. no less.  (If you want to experience something truly ethereal, have a double-tornado pass right in […]

Quick Thought:  Only One

I think it’s safe to say that virtually every believer is well aware that it’s wrong, indeed dangerous and even deadly, to judge (condemn, criticize) others. But why?  Because God says so in the Bible, quite (crystal) clearly.  But why does He say so, what’s behind that truth? Another truth, as is ever the case […]

The “Big Lie”

Like the rest of us, you’re probably hearing that phrase being thrown around seemingly nonstop these days.  For the past almost-year since the 2020 U.S. presidential election. People politically-left use it to describe the efforts and claims of former president Donald Trump and his allies that the election was “stolen”, “rigged” or a variant thereof. […]

REPRINT:  It’s That Time of Year Again:  9/11

The following is a reprint of a past post: September 11. This is a date and that was a day which we will never forget.  September 11, 2001.  9/11.  It doesn’t matter how it’s written, it still causes a tingle to run up my neck every time.  The tragedy.  The sorrow.  The loss.  The massive […]

Quick Thought:  “D’oh!”

Last night for dinner I had a big bowl of salad. Score:  +1 Overall:  +1 But I paired it with a half-loaf of freshly-baked French bread. Score:  -1 Overall:  0 Gained ground given right back … I should’ve remembered this past post! In the physical realm but even far more in the spiritual realm, how important […]

Quick Thought:  Context Can Change Everything!

By the way, near the end of yesterday’s walk, I was reminded of another important truth:  the determinative nature of context. The spectacular scenic route referenced in the just-published previous post was the one I opted for yesterday and for one 30-minute stretch, airplanes from the next-door airport fly right over your head at such […]

Quick Thought:  True Health

As you know from reading past posts, I’m a huge fan of exercise and especially the hours/miles-long walks I take 3-5 times a week.  For the spectacular scenery on especially one of my various, rotating routes, yes, but most of all by far for the focused fellowship and prayer so conducive to such a setting […]

So Clean!

I just brushed my teeth and swished some serious mouthwash and my entire mouth feels so clean, don’t you just love that feeling?! I do. But it only lasts for a short while.  Second-grade science class made crystal clear to us all that as soon as we’re done brushing our teeth, the plaque process restarts […]

Talk About Two Beautiful Bridges!

Jesus is the “bridge” between God and humanity. “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5) (Talk about bridging the gap!  And an infinite one at that.) The Bible is the “bridge” between Jesus and humanity, between Him and us.  Because it’s by […]

Quick Thought:  De-fense!  De-fense!  De-fense!

I just watched a basketball game and noticed how many times a team played stellar, suffocating defense which invariably lead to a fast break and easy bucket for them.  A dunk, lay-up, or uncontested three-pointer. And it hit me that this is EXACTLY how it is in the Christian life! Personal righteousness, personal purity, spiritual […]

Speaking of Brushing Teeth…

Just yesterday I published the previous post and discussed brushing one’s teeth (and brain) and just now, the very next morning, after doing just that I ate a handful of blueberries and have two further thoughts/verses to share with you which I think you’ll find not only very interesting but also extremely helpful and useful […]

Quick Thought:  Brush Your Brain

Every few years or so I get a kick out of pulling up TV commercials from the 1950’s and 70’s and 90’s to see just how much society has changed… like this: … and it immediately hit me that Bible memory on a regular, systematic basis is like brushing one’s spiritual  breath. And speaking of […]

Quick Thought:  Number One Wish

My number one wish in life, my foremost desire by far is simply to be like Christ.  I.e., to exhibit… Compassion  (for all – 1 Thessalonians 3:12; Colossians 3:12) Heart  (for the lost, for His children, for our heavenly Father and for His Word – the entire Bible 🙂 ) Righteousness  (via the working of […]

Not For Nothin’!

I’ve never been a supplement kind of guy, opting instead to get my nutrition via a balanced diet, from the food I eat – but even I know that they’re not called “daily vitamins” for nothin’! It’s because for maximum effectiveness they should be consumed daily.  And that’s exactly  how it is with the Bible, […]

In = Out

I remember my very first day in high school computer class.  The teacher started with an overview, by stating the overarching principle which regulates computers and programming… “Garbage in, garbage out.” He was of course referring to the fact that a computer’s (hardware) or program’s (software) output is only as good as the input.  What […]

Quick Thought:  All-Sufficient

I walked by the branch of a small local bank the other day and a large sign in the front window said this: Large enough to know how, Small enough to know you. That’s one of the better corporate slogans I’ve seen in a while and it immediately occurred to me, that’s exactly how it […]

About Burdens

As discussed in a past post, a year or two ago I sold my only vehicle so I could finish building this website entirely out of my own pocket when the original programmer bailed unexpectedly and without notice, so out with the car and in with walking and biking literally everywhere I go. It was […]

New Shoe, Part Two

By experience, not design, this post is a follow-up to the previous one. I made my maiden voyage in the aforementioned new sneakers today (a five-mile walk/jog combo) and OUCH, my feet and legs are KILLING me! Blisters on left and right, feeling a new muscle in my calves I never knew was there… I’m […]

Quick Thought:  There’s a price.  But it’s worth it!

No sooner had I written the previous post that, yep, you guessed it, on the very next walk one of my shoes sprang a leak, developed “a hole in the sole” as that previously-published post put it.  So I just bought a new pair.  And it hit me that I always  have the exact same conundrum […]