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Four Umbrellas

Earlier on this first Monday morning for the month of May, with the start of a new week I was wondering what was THE WORST thing in the world… The WORST thing is sin. And under that umbrella, THE WORST thing is pride. And under that  umbrella, THE WORST thing is self (e.g., selfishness, self-focus, […]

“A or B”:  Four moreBinary Choices

A lot of people live life as though their faith is a very nice perk. But a perk nonetheless. They seem to view it as “free” in the sense of not costing them anything.  But the Lord Jesus rejected that common conception with crystal clarity, confirming that Christianity comes with a cost:  not in terms […]

“A or B”:  Four Binary Choices (and one Great Finish?)

Here’s a phrase which many of you who follow politics have no doubt already begun to hear quite a bit and of which the rest of the citizenry is about to get a big, double-dog-dare-ya-to-disregard dose during this election year:  “binary choice”. “Not enthused with either presidential (or congressional or local) candidate and therefore don’t […]

Four Masters (and one Golf Major)

I don’t usually watch golf on TV with two exceptions:  the U.S. Open and The Masters, two of the sport’s four “major” tournaments. I enjoy both but the latter is a slight favorite since it occurs right around Resurrection Sunday (Easter) each Spring, and occurs first of the four, a fitting “kick-off” to the serious […]

Four Types (and one Solar Eclipse)

Per plenty of published projections predicting a pretty plump path, people from Maine to Texas (local cloud cover-contingent) are set to see quite a sight:  just two hours from now, day will literally become night.  In a tad over “the blink of an eye” (but close!) daylight will turn to darkness. For a few fast […]

Four Factors

As everyone learned while watching the first Iraq war in 1991, there are four factors in life, in strategizing, in planning: known knowns known unknowns unknown knowns unknown unknowns Those first two are pretty easy for obvious reasons. That third one can be more challenging but still isn’t at all scary since study and analysis […]

Four Thoughts (and fourteen songs)

A few of my previously-published posts have mentioned that this area has several different routes for my many-mile mega-walks and that my by-far favorites are the ones which involve the National Mall. The particular path upon which I trod today took me from the Jefferson Memorial, past the Washington Monument, across the pedestrian bridge by […]

Four Deceivers

It would be tough enough to toe the line of truth if we were hunted by just one deceptive predator, but the purpose of this post is to point out the four  primary suspects I see in Scripture, the “top 4” deceivers that direly desire to derail and destroy us; this is to help you […]

State of the Union

Tonight is the big “State of the Union” presidential address to a joint-session of Congress and – thanks to TV cameras, radio, and the internet – the entire country or at least those who take time to tune in, tens of millions of whom definitely do. But instead of focusing on (perpetually pervasive) politics, I […]

Bless the Blessed

Anymore I feel pretty much permanently prepared to be peppered with perpetual perplexity pertaining to God’s pervasive perfection.  How on earth can the Fall-flawed, finite human mind make sense much less wrap itself around  such solemn spiritual concepts like sinlessness, sovereignty, eternity, and Deity? It can’t.  Not fully anyway but that’s okay because (1) one […]