Welcome to BibleMemory.ORG!  I’m DJ Bible and I’ll be your (hopefully humble) host.  I’ve been memorizing Bible verses my entire life, starting with “BMA” (the long-defunct Bible Memory Association) at age 3 or 4 then in Sunday School and AWANA as a child and teenager.  And ever since.  It has become like both oxygen and blueberries to me:  I need it and want it.  It not only sustains  me but also produces enormous tangible benefits  in my day-to-day life – spiritual, emotional, relational, and even physical (Proverbs 4:20-23; verse 22 highlights the physical aspect/benefits) – totally life-transforming and amazing and I can hardly wait  to demonstrate all of this for you, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, guaranteed.  Directly, or by osmosis (i.e., the blessing and blessings borne by reading and/or listening to anyone whose brain is brimming with the Bible).

I’ll delve into all of that in great depth in future posts but for now it will suffice to say that I started out memorizing various Bible verses in a “sporadic” manner based on the curriculum of those various programs but now I do so on a regular, systematic basis, i.e., verse-by-verse, book-by-book – and what a difference that has made!  (“All the difference in the world” as my mom always said while I was growing up.)  It has taken my life to a whole new level.  In every way, in every area.

I’ll discuss the specifics of how that all came about in a moment but at some point the thought hit me to actually “spin out” VIDEOS first of my reciting entire books of the Bible from memory and then detailing the specific memory method which the Bible itself is making known to me (the “enlightening the eyes” of Psalm 19:8 in action!) and ever since, everyone started calling me DJ Bible and the nickname stuck and I can’t think of one that I’d rather have or which would be more near-and-dear to my heart so that’s the backstory.  Almost everyone who hears my life story has told me to write a book about it; while my favorite subject in life used to be myself, the Bible – and especially memorizing  it – did a 180 in my mind, in my life, such that now I’m literally the last  thing I like to talk about and instead prefer to speak of the Bible and the Lord Jesus first, last, and everywhere in between.  So I don’t have any plans to write a book about my life – as interesting and unique as it has certainly been – but I did register the internet domain name DJBible.org for a personal website should the Lord ever lead me to do so but for now will just direct it to this website, BibleMemory.ORG.  I wish there were far more ways I could rightly compare myself to the beloved and beyond-amazing Apostle Paul, but other than viewing myself as “the biggest sinner”, one of the few other ways I feel like I’m on his same level is found in 1 Corinthians 9:16 – as was the case with Paul and preaching the Gospel/Bible, so also I can honestly say “Woe is me if I do NOT memorize the Bible.”  Per one of the taglines, this is my ministry, my passion, and indeed my very life.  And I couldn’t be any more thrilled about that!

Speaking of websites, and as promised a few minutes ago, here’s how BibleMemory.ORG came about:

For years I tried to think of something I could do to please the Lord in a very unique, above-and-beyond, historic way, so as to adequately express my love and gratitude for Him – for all He’s done, for all He does, and just for who He is!

And not too long ago, He came calling and a light bulb went on in my head and heart.  I got it!  I got it!  I thought of something I just KNOW He’ll absolutely LOVE!  To memorize the ENTIRE BIBLE, every word which He has written to us, then to QUOTE HIS OWN WORDS BACK TO HIM!

I immediately realized how zonked even a sinner like me would be if I were to write a long love letter to a woman I was dating at the time and then at a future point she responded by quoting that letter back to me word-for-word!  I’m just a dirty rotten sinner saved by grace, He’s the God of all creation and power and purity and perfection so how much more would this mean to HIM?!  I think a lot.  Lots and lots.  Oodles times a trillion.

The conversation (which occurred entirely in my soul, not ears, not audibly you’ll be glad to know 🙂 ) which immediately followed on that occasion, when this thought first hit my head and heart, went something like this:

Me:  “But, Lord, I’m the LEAST likely and logical and capable person to pull off such a historic task, which nobody else in known human history has been able to do and I don’t have an overly great mind to begin with, I’m no genius, so how on earth can this be?”

God (again, not audibly but in my spirit – exactly as referenced in Proverbs 20:27):  “Fear not, just start doing it, just memorize the first few verses of the first selected book and I through My Word will take care of the rest and make it happen.”

Me:  “But, Lord, I’m still just a human vessel and a very flawed one at that, even if You make it happen it would take years  and I’ve got bills to pay so have to spend most of my time working my job as You know.  I’m really, really sorry but I just don’t have nearly enough time to accomplish that!”

God:  “Fear not, I have already prepared many like-minded Bible-loving believers who will support this so you can dedicate your life FULL-TIME to it and thus this shall be a gift to Me not just from thee but from them, from every person who will indeed heed My lead and meet that need.”

Me:  “Huh?  You think enough people will actually donate to the cause of Bible memory?  You’re omniscient so I know You know that most people cringe at even the thought  of trying to memorize anything much less the Bible much less the ENTIRE Bible.  Political candidates?  Sure, people donate literally millions of dollars  to them in just a FEW HOURS, that has become commonplace any more, but donating to the cause of Bible memory, how can this be?”

God:  “It is.  Because I AM.”

Me:  “Okay, Lord, I’ll do it, I’ll dedicate my life and devote FULL-TIME to fulfilling this calling, but YOU are going to have to do it because I can’t, I’m not even a thousandth smart enough to memorize an entire BOOK of the Bible much less all SIXTY-SIX of them.  And I’ll dedicate my entire life savings to getting started but YOU are going to have to cause enough Lord-led like-minded Bible-loving believers to even hear about this and then support it because my life savings alone would only last a number of months and I’m going to need several years  even WITH Your holy help, due to the sheer volume of Your written utterances and my own utter inadequacy.”

God:  “Good, My child.  As I say multiple times in the Bible, ‘He who believes in Me will not, shall not be disappointed.’  [Slight pause]  What are you waiting for?  Get going!  Get to it!  Because after I accomplish this work, I’m going to use it in many ways, to bring forth many ministries out of it, so get going, My child!”

And so I did.  (How could I not  after that?!)  I decided right then and there to leave my job and devote FULL-TIME to pursuing this calling, this history-making undertaking, and remarkably I wasn’t even nervous because I was and remain utterly certain that He’s totally in this, and then He proved that almost immediately.  (He didn’t need  to, but He did.)

How, you might ask?  Well, I knew that I’d need to chronicle this in real-time, not just for present but also future purposes, so that meant I needed to build a website, the very first step of which is getting a good Domain Name/URL, a good website address.  One which would be really easy to remember but also clearly and quickly and succinctly explain what the website is all about.  All of the really good ones are almost always taken, as I’m sure you know.  Even the ones which aren’t actually being used have been bought by someone hoping to sell it for a handsome profit.

And that’s when He made it absolutely, unmistakably, inescapably clear just how much  He is in this and just how intimately and directly involved He has been from the very start.

Let’s put it this way:  if one were starting a ministry  focusing on Bible memory, what would be the good no great no perfect  domain name?  Yep.  I was zonked  (showing my lack of faith and how easy it is for such to creep in even just in human terms… Hebrews 12:1 demonstrated) when I checked the absolutely  perfect domain for this:  BibleMemory.org (of course!).  I remember thinking, “No way  would THAT domain be available, no way would it NOT already be taken like twenty years ago!  Not even worth checking, don’t waste your time.”  Wrong!  Wrong!  Because when the Lord is truly in something, miracles happen and needs are met, and as you now know if you’re reading this on the website, unbelievably, unthinkably, the website address BibleMemory.org was indeed available for my use, just waiting for me to follow the Lord’s amazing lead and provision and to put it to use in order to chronicle this historic project, what is sure to be an amazing journey.  And after getting over my shock and amazement that THE PERFECT domain name was actually AVAILABLE for me to use, that’s exactly what I did and the rest, as they say, is history.  Or more accurately in this case, history in the making. (Literally! In real-time!)

And just one additional thought about something I said above, about how the Lord intends to bring forth several ministries out of this historic undertaking, this first step of MEMORIZING the ENTIRE BIBLE!  (Gulp!  Humanly speaking, it hurts my head just thinking  about the enormity of this task.)

I mention several on the home page but will highlight just one of them here.

Psalm 19:7-8 has long been one of my all-time favorite passages (and chapters) of Scripture (along with John 3, Colossians 3, and Matthew 5-7 among many others but these would have to top the list).  It clearly states that the Bible “restores the soul”, “makes wise the simple”, “rejoices the heart”, and “enlightens the eyes”.  (If I were in a poetic mood I’d say that it “restores, makes wise, and opens the eyes!”)  And these are just two short verses  of over 3,100!  And as you might imagine, the Bible has a lot more to say about itself but even just these two  are fully, infinitely sufficient to CHANGE ONE’S LIFE.  Literally.

In fact, let’s just take one  of them, verse 8.  Even just since I heeded the Lord’s call and started this task of memorizing the ENTIRE Bible, I can tell you that an otherwise-inexplicable and unfading sense of joy has manifested itself in my daily life, even more than before.  “Rejoices the heart” indeed!

But I want to hone in on the second half of that verse, that the Bible also “enlightens the eyes”.  You see, when I first set out to memorize an entire book of the Bible, the New Testament book of James (because of how practical and easily-applied it is, so given to daily application, almost like a shorter version of the Old Testament book of Proverbs), well, to say that it was a daunting task would likely earn me an Oscar nomination for Biggest Understatement in a Supporting Role.  I remember thinking to myself, “There’s no way!”  But something funny, something amazing happened on the way to obeying that calling of the Lord to “just start doing it, just memorize the first few verses of the first selected book and I’ll take care of the rest” as described above.  I did just that, I memorized the first verse, then the second, then the third, and much to my amazement with each verse and certainly with every few chapters, it got EASIER.  And before I knew it, the very first entire chapter was in-the-bag, a done deal.  I was so excited!  How could this be?  How could it be that the more  I stuffed into my mind, the more I was then able  to pour in?  The more  I ate, the hungrier  I got!

As you know, this is totally opposite  of everything we learned in science class when we were in school.  But what our wonderful teachers didn’t take into account is that the Bible isn’t like a glass of water.  That the human mind – especially when filled with the right thing – isn’t like the human stomach.  And the combination of the two is more powerful than any  and indeed ALL of the chemicals we combined in those countless science-class experiments.

How can this be?  How can this be?  I attribute it fully to that verse, Psalm 19:8, that the Bible does indeed “enlighten the eyes” when ingested.  When consumed.  When swallowed.  It might look nice sitting on a table or desk or dresser or nightstand, but it only goes to work  and “does its thing” when poured into  one’s mind.

And man oh man, did that ever prove to be true in my case, in my firsthand experience.  Because before I knew it, I was able to recite that entire book  of James.  And it wasn’t that hard, it wasn’t nearly so scary as I had thought when first starting out.  And you know what?  I kept going and started memorizing the book of Hebrews and guess what, those thirteen  chapters were even EASIER than the five  of James!  And memorizing the entire book of 1 Peter was EVEN EASIER!  It’s exponential.  It’s amazing.  It’s certainly a minor miracle if not technically  a full-blown, official one.  Just ask what was the mind of an A/B/C-student when I first began at James 1:1.

But there’s even more  to this story.  Because the more of the Bible I’ve memorized, the more and more a SPECIFIC memory METHOD  is taking shape, is falling into place, piece by beautiful piece.  And once completed, I intend to share it with you and with the world, to shout it from the mountaintops, and am absolutely certain that it will have the same effect on others as it has on me, that it will enable and empower virtually ANYONE to memorize and RETAIN massive amounts of the Bible and ANYTHING ELSE!  I’d go on to describe the many, many, many tangible benefits of this but that would take hours  so I’ll save that for future posts.  Stay tuned.  Your life is about to be revolutionized.  (Like Georges Foreman and Zimmer say in those Meineke and Men’s Wearhouse TV ads, “I guarantee it!”)
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