Quick Thought:  “EEC!”

No, I didn’t just see a mouse.  If either I or you ever do then “EEK!” would be a very acceptable reaction.  But the exclamation I’m using in this post is “EEC!”

Something that pains my heart especially in the past year is the literal explosion of grift, of deception, of untruthfulness in present-day society, almost always ending up being tied to money, to greed.

I gladly leave it to the Lord – the “ONE … judge” (James 4:12) – to deal with it as He sees fit but what I can  do is simply to remind you, my beloved brothers and sisters, to seriously scrutinize various claims or offers you hear nearly constantly these days.

In order words, to “Examine. Everything. Carefully.”

To “EEC!”

  • “… examine everything carefully…” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

(To “EEC” his own? 🙂 )

I’ve found that the very best (only?) way to do so is to simply hold any claim or offer or opportunity up to the light of Scripture, God’s Word, the Bible.  Because it is NEVER wrong, ALWAYS true.  Indeed, it IS truth.

  • “Thy Word IS truth.”  (John 17:17, emphasis added)

And therefore a (the) foolproof way to avoid, to smash the “deception and lies” which are so abundant these days in particular.

Even better than the “sniff test” (common sense) is the “Scripture test”.

Every person who heeds this post will be exceedingly blessed in life.  The one to come but also this one.

Like, oh, I don’t know, a person in a house built on a foundation of rock, not sand.  GREAT way to go through life!

The Bible is that foundation, and Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone.

Hand-in-hand.  “Two peas in a pod” for sure.  Working together and making our lives…

Unbakeable.            (I.e., in the crucible of trials and tribulations)


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