Quick Thought:  Tip-off Time = Too Late

I spent several hours over the past two weekends (as I do every spring) watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament a.k.a. “The Tourney” a.k.a. “March Madness” … and this thought hit me:  imagine how C-R-A-Z-Y, how N-U-T-S-O we would all deem it to be if tip-off had been the first time one of those head coaches had gotten his team on the floor.

The pure absurdity of even that notion  makes one laugh.

Yet how many people do that very same thing when it comes to the infinitely more important contest and context of the Christian life?!

If the moment of your death or Christ’s return is the first time YOU have been on that  ”floor”, well, we all know what the result would likely be.

But the GREAT NEWS is that you and I still have time!  It’s not too late!  We can get on that “floor” NOW, TODAY, versus foolishly waiting until tip-off!

Therefore, let’s determine here and now to view each and every day as the spiritual practice session and “dress rehearsal” it truly is for eternity, for the life to come.

Because as discussed in deeper detail in a prior post, it’s all about PRACTICE!

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