Quick Thought:  Context Can Change Everything!

By the way, near the end of yesterday’s walk, I was reminded of another important truth:  the determinative nature of context.

The spectacular scenic route referenced in the just-published previous post was the one I opted for yesterday and for one 30-minute stretch, airplanes from the next-door airport fly right over your head at such a low altitude (since they’re literally just taking off) that you can feel the power of their engines’ thrust and almost feel like you could touch them if you jumped really high.  (As if that weren’t enough, all of this takes place right by a wide river and several stunningly beautiful edifices… like I said, spectacular!)

It’s a very busy airport (which makes local walkers and joggers and bicyclists very happy… travelers?  Not so much) with planes taking off on cue every 30-60 seconds and one thing which always amazes me is that they don’t fall right out of the sky, into the river below.  My head is fully aware of the power of engine thrust and that this is what keeps multi-ton pieces of metal in the air but to my eyes what makes it so amazing that they don’t fall down is that they appear  to be moving far too slowly.

Because I see them against a very big sky in the background.

Context can change everything!

And that’s exactly how it is with the Bible, too!  The context  of a given passage can completely change one’s initial, verbiage-only perception.

The words are essential but to properly understand what God is actually saying  in His Word, it’s absolutely crucial to consider the context.