Quick Thought:  Consistency

I’ve mentioned in past posts that one of my favorite activities is taking long, several-mile, multi-hour walks as those have been and continue to be some of my sweetest “alone times” with the Lord, just thinking about and listening and speaking to Him about all sorts of things:  His Word, the Bible; praise items and prayer requests; my walk with and usefulness to Him; current events in my life and the nation and world writ large.

Also as previously mentioned, I have several different walking routes in my surrounding area, some of which are in an urban setting while others personify the term “scenic route”, ensconced in nature’s beauty and inspiration (rivers, trees, greenest grass, etc.) with airplanes seemingly within touching distance as they take-off or land at the very nearby airport.

Yesterday I had the treat of conducting my walk around the famed Tidal Basin in our nation’s capital.  As I did a month ago.  The latter was more packed with people than I had ever experienced, literally “wall-to-wall”, literally “stop-and-go” (foot) traffic.  This is very common when driving in the DC area, but while walking?  That was a big surprise and I wondered what would explain such a groundswell of pedestrians and then a split-second later it occurred to me that Cherry Blossom “peak week” arrived early this year due to the weather, and let me tell you that people LOVE their cherry blossoms, I’ve never seen so many pedestrians and smiles and cameras (mainly of the smartphone variety) in my life.

I’ve never been a big fan of feeling like a sardine 🙂 so I opted for my other walking routes the following few weeks.  Until yesterday.  The weather has gotten markedly warmer and was gorgeous, downright perfect for a long walk (or anything else, for that matter) but an equally-large takeaway was how virtually empty the Tidal Basin was this time compared to last month.  From a few inches between bodies to twenty or fifty or a hundred feet.  From jam-packed to serenely sparse… and it reminded me of how the Lord must feel at times.  How “popular” He becomes to us humans when we want or (especially) need something.  A solution.  A provision.  A promotion.  Yet it is an unfortunate but real aspect of human nature that when a lot of people aren’t  experiencing a pressing need, they’re far less likely to “pursue” and “crowd around” the Lord.  Just like when the famous cherry blossoms fade, so do the crowds.

May we be much more consistent  in our pursuit of and passion for the Lord.  May it be as enthusiastic in the “in-between” times as it is when we’re facing and feeling a pressing need.

He is worthy of no less.

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