Go Further

I’m rarely surprised by anything anymore, but one exception has been a handful of times when someone didn’t realize how much I (agape) loved and cared about them.

Despite how kind and encouraging I was toward them, the fact is that a certain percentage of people are so focused on what’s in their  head and heart that they can’t see what’s in yours or mine or other people’s.

When I realized this those handful of times over the years, I learned a great lesson:  that the key, the answer, the solution is to go further.

However loving and kind and caring you’ve been, seek to double or triple that, and, like me, I’m pretty sure you’ll find that this will open their eyes and they will at long last see that they are truly loved and valued.  It shouldn’t take 200% or 300%… but it often does.  And it’s totally worth it.  Priceless.  It can literally change a person’s life.

I think that this is what the Lord Jesus meant when He said to “go the extra mile” (Matthew 5:41).

In other words, GO FURTHER!  Do even more than what’s “required”.

And what the beloved Apostle Paul meant when he said to “excel still more” (1 Thessalonians 4:10).

In other words, GO FURTHER!  Do even more than you already are in terms of loving Him and others.

This perspective and practice has produced plenty of significant spiritual and relational results in my life and I’m certain it will do likewise in yours!


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