When someone hears that I’m well on my way to memorizing  the ENTIRE BIBLE, I’m sure the first thing that comes to their mind is “Whew, glad God didn’t call me  to do that!” and then a very close second, “Why on earth  would anyone want to do that?!”

My initial response would be that it’s definitely nothing “on earth” that’s motivating me to do this, that’s for sure.  For reasons not totally known to me, God has laid this (very strong) calling upon my heart.  In my humble opinion, it would’ve seemed far more logical to have picked and empowered someone who wasn’t  the biggest sinner I know, the biggest sinner I’ve ever  known, and quite possibly the biggest sinner you’ve  ever known… but I think the likely answer for why God did just that, why he picked me anyway, is found in 1 Timothy 1:16 – “And yet for this reason I found mercy, in order that in me as the foremost [i.e., sinner, verse 15], Jesus Christ might demonstrate His perfect patience, as an example for those who would believe in Him for eternal life.”  I wish I could say that my life mirrors the Apostle Paul’s in every  way, like His mirrored the Lord probably more than anyone in human history (1 Corinthians 11:1), but this is definitely one which qualifies, perceiving oneself to be “the biggest sinner” because the more of the Bible I memorize, the more and more (and more and more and more) I realize and come to see that I am such a sinner, a “filthy rag” if there ever was one (Isaiah 6:5 & 64:6), and then the Bible stored inside my mind redirects it to dwell not on my sin but on His perfection and purity and righteousness which has not only become mine through the power and working and washing of the Word within but which I have literally become  in the utter miracle of spiritual transformation (2 Corinthians 5:17-21).

Here’s a thorough (though certainly not complete) list of my motivations and reasons for dedicating my life to this whole-Bible-memorizing, Christ-glorifying, God-given task and calling and passion.

The first reason is that I couldn’t and can’t think of ANYTHING in the whole wide world which would bring the Lord Jesus more pleasure and delight than for someone to memorize every word of His “love letter” to humanity – every word of His Word – and then recite His own words back  to Him.  I discuss this concept much more in-depth on the home page and in my Overview video but the gist is this:  think how it would make you  feel if you wrote a love letter to the love of your life and at some point in the future that person quoted it back to you by heart, from memory.  Enough said.

The second reason goes hand-in-hand with the first:  as a very unique “love You” and “thank You” gift back to the Lord for who He is and all that He has done and continues to do for us!  He is worthy of no less.  (I just can’t believe it took two thousand years  for someone to do this!)  (On second thought…)

The third reason goes hand-in-hand with the second:  to give this gift back to the Lord not just from me but from and on behalf of all believers in general and in specific all who support this effort and future outflowing ministries in whatever ways they’re able.  Under that umbrella of all believers, I specifically want this to be a special source of blessing and comfort and inspiration for believers who aren’t permitted to worship and carry out their faith in various countries around the world, yet do so anyway.  That’s the spirit!  (And that’s the Spirit, clearly.)  It’s the least I can do since they have provided so much inspiration for me my whole life, ever since I was a child and from time to time would meet missionaries who have devoted their lives to smuggling in and handing out Bibles in various communist-controlled countries with religiously repressive regimes, so the “house Christians” can study and teach and share the Word.  On that day when I recite the ENTIRE BIBLE from memory in front of the entire world (literally, thanks to YouTube.com/BibleMemory and BibleMemory.ORG) I will be thinking very specifically of all the “house Christians” around the world who will be “many, many, many rows ahead of me” in heaven since they have paid a much bigger price to practice our precious faith.

The fourth reason I’m memorizing the ENTIRE BIBLE is to raise funds for ministries and other worthy causes including Christian radio stations, which have had a huge, healthy impact in my life throughout the years.  Bringing the Word of God to the public, via powerful preaching or mighty music or timely talk shows… talk about a worthy cause!  I would love it if the Lord were to use this calling and passion in my heart to also help countless ministries in such a tangible, needed way.

And not just formal ministries but also individual Bible-loving believers whose social media page’s profile paragraph proudly promotes the Word, especially ones which blare out a Bible verse, a specific Scripture near and dear to their heart and life.  It will be my delight and indeed duty and sincere spiritual service to strongly support such individuals and ministries, my fellow workers in the cause of the Bible in general and Bible memory in specific, who too have been saved, sealed, set free, self-confirmed, sanctified and schooled by the Spirit (Titus 3:5; Ephesians 4:30; Romans 8:15; Romans 8:16; Galatians 3:3; 1 John 2:27), sustained and secured by the Son (Philippians 4:13,19; 1 John 5:18), because of the unfettered favor of the Father (Psalm 5:12, also 30:5 & 84:11 and countless other verses), by the true grace of the Triune God.

And not just ministries or individuals who promote Bible memory and specifically this historic event unfolding in real-time here at BibleMemory.ORG but also people who promote it by word-of-mouth or pen and paper or however they’re able and the Lord leads.  I want to be a fellow worker and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with people like this. And I must admit that I have a special place in my heart and immediate affinity for those whose social media page in particular has a Bible verse/reference prominently displayed, and I hope you’ll adopt my personal practice to support and “share” those pages:  like the people in Paul’s day pointed-out in Philippians 1:17, some of those perhaps promote Scripture out of improper motivations… but I’m quite sure that such represents a super-small segment, that this is true of very few if any, because given the current climate in our country and worldwide, one risks paying a price for promulgating the Bible or anything closely connected to Christ, and this factor alone almost certainly will “weed out” the wayward ones, i.e., I think it’s very safe to assume that pretty much any person who puts a Bible verse/reference in their page-topping profile is doing it for the right reasons, with very pure motives:  to do their part to promote the Word and words of our precious God and Savior.

The fifth reason but one of the most important on an ongoing basis is that when I started memorizing my very first entire book (James), the Bible, as I stored more and more of it within me, started revealing to my mind’s eye a very specific MEMORY METHOD which has made it both much easier and, yes, more FUN to memorize and recite Scripture!  I’ll know when that process is complete or at least complete enough  to share with others, to roll out to the public and that will be one of the main focus points in the future, for years and Lord-willing decades to come so I’m looking forward to that with enormous anticipation; right now I’d say that it’s around 75% complete so probably in the next year or so; I won’t know for sure until I start teaching it to others but my very strong sense, hunch, expectation is that it will prove to be universal in nature, meaning that it will be of benefit to virtually ANYONE (though probably to a different degree/extent for each person since we’re all different in certain ways but 95% similar in terms of how the human mind and body work, etc. – more about this in future posts… if you’d like to automatically be notified by email when new ones are published – including ones about this will-revolutionize-the-world-and-approach-to-education/learning breakthrough – simply click on the grey “Follow Bible Memory” button in item “3.” at the very bottom of this page or at the top to the right of that “Overview” video and consider it done!  Your inbox – and life – will never be the same.  The Bible in general and this Bible-borne memory method and process in specific have absolutely revolutionized my mind and heart and life and I’m sure it will bear similar fruit and you will reap similar results and rewards in yours!

The sixth reason is something which has been near and dear to my heart since I was a child:  nationwide and indeed worldwide spiritual revival.  I’ve literally been praying for the Lord to bring that about virtually my entire life and I’m 100% sure that such will occur.  But I’m 1,000% certain that it will ONLY occur IF/WHEN a sufficient percentage of believers, of the Church, of Christ’s body on earth (Colossians 1:24; Ephesians 5:25-30) get “gobs and gobs” of the Good Book, God’s Word, “richly dwelling within” them (Colossians 3:16) and “hidden in [their] heart” (Psalm 119:11) and “binge” on big “bites” of the Bible, because it’s the Bible  which sanctifies and cleanses us (John 17:17; Ephesians 5:26; Psalm 119:9), the Bible is the “mirror” (James 1:21-25) which, when “looked intently” into, “performs its work” (1 Thessalonians 2:13) in “transforming us into the [Lord’s] image from glory to glory” (2 Corinthians 3:18), from one level of glory to another to another, and increases our faith (Romans 10:17) to the point that we go through life “seeing the unseen” (Hebrews 11:27) such that, to bring it beautifully full circle, “we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen” (2 Corinthians 4:18).  And that, my friends, is the very picture indeed definition of spiritual revival.  And it all stems from and is kindled and lit on fire by the Bible.  The world is perhaps spiritually drier than it has ever been in the past 2,000 years… sounds like the perfect time for a spiritual fire to ignite and spread and do its purifying and winnowing work so we will wondrously be revived, be “refined by fire” (1 Peter 1:7).

The seventh reason I’m doing this is that the Lord didn’t put this passion and calling into a vacuum but rather into a person – me!  Which includes all pieces and parts and components of my personality and traits and experiences, and one of those is that my grandmother was one of the biggest independent antique dealers on the east coast and probably the entire country, and whenever my family would visit her (once or twice a year on average throughout my childhood) she and I alone would wake up very early in the morning (around 5:00) and go down into her (massive!) basement (it was one of my earliest introductions of the concept of eternity, because that room just kept going and going and going and going, with one pile of boxes after another after another) and WORK there until around noon when the rest of my family would wake up and we’d all have breakfast together at that time but first, for me, there were a good seven hours of solid work to do.  Moving said boxes to wherever she directed.  Polishing the many silver teapots and silver dollars she’d be selling in the coming months (she’d make necklaces with a Silver Dollar as the centerpiece, they were among her very best-selling items, those and picture frames, always in huge demand).  Sweeping and cleaning the entire area (she always told me that I was the only one of all her grandchildren she did this with, and I believe it, because I’m pretty sure there was a solid six-month build-up of dust and dirt each time I visited her).  I totally understand why my many cousins weren’t keen on getting up at 5 a.m. on their vacation to W-O-R-K, in a basement… but you know why I did, why I loved it so much?  Because I loved her  so much, that’s true, but so did my cousins so I think the difference was that I loved listening to her talk, the entire time, the entire seven hours.  About life and school and her favorite TV shows, and a ton of stories about my father and uncles and aunts when she was raising them years before, but most of all by far we talked (okay, she talked, I listened 🙂 ) about business.  As noted, she was a major antiques dealer, a real businesswoman the likes of which I’ve never personally seen since, the way she could “wheel and deal” and get the very best price on the items she would buy wholesale from yard/estate sales or the huge antiques market in Williamsburg, Virginia, where I accompanied her on my 13th birthday (which single-handedly and immediately made it one of my most memorable and precious) … a real businesswoman, and during those 7-hour sessions in her basement, she poured that knowledge into my young brain (we started doing those when I was in elementary school and after returning post-Christmas break I started buying a big bag of Jolly Ranchers candy at the local CVS store (called Peoples back then, eventually gobbled up by the behemoth) and then would resell them individually for a quarter to my classmates (I bought a bag of 100 for fifty cents so my pricing, my markup of fiftyfold was probably a bit much but I was in elementary school  and didn’t know any better, hadn’t learned the concept of price-gouging but my grandma got such a kick out of that!).

The main point is that business has been not just an interest or hobby but a real part of me since I can remember.  So what on earth does all of that have to do with this website and historic endeavor?  That when the Lord put this calling in my heart a couple years ago, he also gave me a strong desire to help as many Christian businesspeople (like my dear grandmother… it’s been a few decades – she died when I was 13, less than a year after that trip together to that antiques market when I saw her in action, saw her doing her thing, saw her wheeling and dealing like never before – and I still  miss her) succeed by getting the word out not just about their product or service but especially the fact that they are fellow Christians!  One of the main purposes and missions of this website is to make it as easy and practical as possible to help my fellow man in general and believers in specific experience massive blessing in their lives – the one to come, absolutely, but also this  one (I Timothy 4:8, 6:6) – and the path to blessing can be summed up in one word:  obedience.  To the Lord.  To His Word, the Bible.  And one of the most practical and immediate ways to do so would be to heed the Ten Commandments as well as verses like Galatians 6:10 and I Timothy 6:2 which couldn’t be clearer about how crucial it is that we Christians put a priority on taking as much of our business as possible to, yep, fellow Christians.  So along with memorizing all 66 books, the entire Bible, a secondary target of my time in the coming months and years will be spent putting together a nationwide network of Christian business and professionals, thus making it EASY for my fellow Christians to identify and take their business to fellow Christians  and thus receive the blessings and benefits of obeying these two verses in specific.  But wait, there’s more!  By generating much more business/benefit for Christian companies and professionals, it will generate more tithes for their local church so that’s a major motivation, too!  It might just be the greatest win-win-win-win ever this side of salvation.  (If you know of any Christian companies or professionals, you or they can email their Name, Phone Number, Email, Website, Address, and any other company information they may want the public to know, to yp@BibleMemory.ORG – if you/they can also include the name and city of their local church, where they tithe, that would be great but not required.)  After I assemble a sufficient number of Christian-owned/run businesses in a given state, I’ll list them on the “Find A Christian Biz” link/page so please (a) be praying for BibleMemory.ORG in general including this aspect in specific, and (b) starting in a month or two, whenever you need a product or service, please check BibleMemory.ORG/YellowPages first so as many of us as possible can apply/obey Galatians 6:10 and 1 Timothy 6:2 (benefitting fellow believers as much of the time as possible) and reap the rewards for all eternity!

The eighth reason I’m pursuing this history-making undertaking is one of the other few ways an aspect of my life can be compared with Paul’s:  just as his heartfelt, passionate, all-consuming pursuit in life was to preach the gospel, mine is to memorize the Bible – such that, respectfully paraphrasing 1 Corinthians 9:16, “woe is me if I do NOT” memorize the Bible.  Because, having tasted it, I’d be utterly miserable if I didn’t EAT (memorize) ALL of it!

The ninth reason I’m doing this is very similar to number four above:  along with ministries in general, I’d love to help missionaries  in specific raise much-needed funds.  While most of the public probably wouldn’t be inclined to give money to missionaries, they are happy to contribute to the cause of Bible memory especially in such a big, historic context, and I’ll be thrilled and can hardly wait to share a huge portion (up to 50%) of incoming donations with many missionaries in the very near future, stay tuned to the blog for further details about that.  Missions was a massive part of my childhood:  every other month or two, a missionary couple or family would stay at my family’s house for up to a week and my jaw dropped regularly as we all sat around the dining table or living room and they’d tell story after story about amazing things God had done when they were on the mission field (usually in South America or Asia or Africa) … sometimes bone-chilling and hair-raising, always amazing.  And missions and missionaries have held a special place in my heart ever since!  So, yeah, I can barely wait to help raise funds for them via this website and historic endeavor.

The tenth reason is definitely the least likely  and somewhat of a subset of numbers three and nine but worthy of separate note.  Even just a year or two ago, before the pandemic and certain responses thereto, this would’ve been unthinkable.  Absolutely unthinkable.  But now I think almost every believer and indeed countless unbelievers, too, can envision a future time in which the Bible could be banned.  Yes, even here in the liberty-loving, freedom-fostering U.S.A.  I place the odds of that’s actually  happening at around 0.0001%, not very likely but when it comes to something SO BIG, SO HUGE, SO MASSIVE, SO ESSENTIAL as the Bible, well, let’s just say that even one-in-a-million  is enough for me to foresee this tenth motivation’s potentially coming into play some day:  my memorizing the entire Bible will, if the unthinkable does occur, allow me to reproduce it in full and to distribute it around the globe, regardless of the consequences or costs (even if such included the death penalty – indeed, I’d be HONORED beyond words  if I were to die for the cause of Christ and, under that umbrella, the Bible).  I just mentioned how my whole childhood saw many missionaries spend up to a week at a time at my family’s home; one of those was an elderly Chinese couple who dedicated the rest of their lives to going back to China and smuggling in Bibles.  The husband was one of the most humble people I’ve ever known, and the wife was very loud (they definitely proved the adage that “opposites attract”, at least in terms of their personalities, it was really funny to behold) and would get so passionate when giving an update in front of the whole church that she would start SCREAMING “Bibles for China!  Bibles for China!”  Screaming and crying.  Tears would literally start rolling down her face just at the thought of how hard her fellow Chinese citizens had it (and still do).  (Now THAT was something to behold, which I’ve never forgotten and never will.)

Anyway, a century or two ago, I’m sure that a lot of the Chinese people never, ever thought for a minute that the day would come when they wouldn’t be able to readily and legally discuss much less read much less possess a Bible.  What if that were to spread to the rest of the world?  Especially after what we’ve seen various governments do during the ongoing (but tapering?) pandemic even in (formerly) famously free countries like England and Canada and Australia, those odds have gone from one-in-a-trillion to one-in-a-million.  Still small, but much, much bigger than just months ago.  Still very unlikely, but no longer unimaginable.  Remember hearing about how all-out many people went during America’s “Prohibition” era?  Well multiply that by a ZILLION and you’ll understand how all-in and all-out diligent and creative and relentless I would be to fulfill that role.  Especially since I’d likely be the ONLY person on the planet who COULD fulfill it, since no one in known human history has ever memorized the entire Bible.  Super-duper-duper-duper-unlikely that we’ll ever actually cross that bridge, but given how BIG a blessing the Bible is and how absolutely essential it is in terms of both salvation (Romans 10:17) and  sanctification (1 Peter 2:2), in terms of both spiritual birth and  growth, such a “back-up plan” or “safety net” is definitely worth making my “Top 13 Reasons/Motivations” list.  [Side note:  this is a great example of how the Bible and the Holy Spirit work hand-in-hand, as the latter is equally essential in terms of both salvation (Titus 3:4-7) and sanctification (Galatians 5:22-23).]

The eleventh reason is probably the least weighty  but nonetheless noteworthy:  frankly, I’m dying  to see exactly what would happen when the incomprehensibly powerful Word of God is placed IN FULL, IN ITS ENTIRETY, into ONE mind, one brain, one vessel.  In a previously-published post, I noted several ways in which the Word and the Lord are inextricably linked, and surely enough, just as Colossians 2:3 says of the Lord Jesus, “in whom are hidden ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”, there’s no doubt in my mind that this similarly applies to the Bible.  What would happen, what could occur if the totality of it were to be stored in a single human mind?  A finite mind filled and overflowing with the infinite Word.  We’ll all find out soon enough but I am certain that it will produce not just amazing but mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, historic  results, things that our finite minds can’t even imagine in advance.  Like I said, not the weightiest reason but I can hardly wait to find out!

The twelfth reason I’m doing this is that, as discussed in-depth in that same post, it has proven to be the best HEALTHCARE PLAN ever!  I’ll bet that the majority of even Christians  think that the Bible is very powerful in the spiritual realm but doesn’t extend to the physical.  WRONG!  Why can I say that with such certitude?  Not just because I haven’t had to go to a doctor or hospital my entire adult life and have enjoyed practically perfect health after memorizing Bible verses since I was a child and that has been even more the case now that I’ve memorized several entire books  of the Bible en route to all 66 as I like to say… but not just because of that first-hand experience but infinitely more so because the Bible itself testifies to this truth!  Don’t believe me?  Think this sounds too good to be true?  Well here’s a verse I’ve never heard a single other person or preacher or teacher discuss and of which most even mature believers probably aren’t even aware which absolutely stuns  me since it is one of the most clear and directly-applicable-in-the-tangible/physical-realm I’ve come across in the entire Bible.  I’ll bet the vast majority of believers do  know, have  heard and even memorized Proverbs 4:23 (“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.”) – but not  the verse right before it, Proverbs 4:22, and brace yourself because it’s a game-changer, life-changer, world-changer, true gem:  “For they [referring back to the “my words” of verse 20, i.e., the Bible] are LIFE to those who find them, and HEALTH to ALL their WHOLE BODY.”  You can refer back to that previously-published post for an in-depth analysis of this verse but suffice it to say that it, that God (it’s His  Word and words) says as clear as day that the Bible’s power and efficacy is NOT limited to the spiritual or emotional/mental realms (verses 23-27) but indeed extends all the way to the PHYSICAL realm:  “life”, “health”, “body”.  And not just  the body of those who “find” His words, the Bible, but “ALL their WHOLE body.”  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  Stunning.  Powerful.  And I can attest firsthand that it is indeed totally true, that it is indeed “a thing”.  And while reading is good and studying is even better, I don’t think anyone would disagree that memorizing  the Bible, that Bible memory is the BEST way to “find” His words.  Why?  Because it most fully and ongoingly gets the Word and words of God Himself, the Bible, INTO a person’s mind and thus (verse 23) life.

The thirteenth reason I’m doing this is to give my fellow Christians a super easy and convenient and direct and immediate way to turn some of the earthly funds God has entrusted to their stewardship into eternal treasure and blessing – not only in the life to come in heaven, but in this  life, too! (1 Timothy 4:8)  There are many worthy ministries, I’m but a very small cog in the wheel of God’s kingdom and plan… but I’m not aware of very many if any (a) which is so destined to make church and  human/intellectual history (not because of me but in spite of  me; not because of me but because of Him!) and (b) which supporters will be able to literally see the results and fruit of their support in real-time, with their own eyes (again thanks to YouTube.com/BibleMemory and BibleMemory.ORG) which is most conducive to what the Bible teaches and instructs us about financial stewardship.

And last but definitely not least, the fourteenth reason I’m doing this is to give Christians everywhere something to ROOT for, to root ON, to hopefully give them a sense of hope and inspiration and something POSITIVE on which they can actively and in real-time set their mind even (especially?) when in the midst of one trial or another.  I’ll never be able to play basketball like Michael Jordan or quarterback like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or jump and run like Jesse Owens, but the Lord has granted me the desire and (Bible-borne) ability to memorize Scripture “like nobody’s business” as the saying goes.  And like Michael Jordan gave the citizens of Chicago ongoing reason for hope season after season, and like Tom Brady gave the citizens of New England something to enthusiastically root for, so also I want to give the earthbound (for now!) citizens of Heaven (Philippians 3:20) – i.e. Christians everywhere – the same thing, for them to be able to root on someone as he memorizes the ENTIRE BIBLE for the first time in known human history.

One of the things I love and appreciate and am most  awed about the Bible is that it has so many verses but even just ONE of them can literally and absolutely change and REVOLUTIONIZE a life.  For eternity.  And at the end of the day as they say, that, in a single blurb, is why I’m doing this, why I’m dedicating my life to memorizing the entire Bible.  Not just for the massive benefit and benefits it will and indeed has already produced in my life but also because I know it will do so in the lives of countless others and is, without a doubt, the BEST “love/thank-You” gift I can give back to the Lord Jesus Christ which will bring Him the most pleasure.  And like the famous children’s song says, “That’s what it’s all about!”
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